Thursday, March 3, 2011

Transportation Action: Save Bike Lanes in Vancouver!

I just sent this out to our Vancouver list.  If you live in Vancouver please take action!

Act Now to Save Bike Lanes on MacArthur Boulevard!
MacArthur Boulevard is a major route for bike riders in Vancouver.  With low traffic and the main access street to Vancouver’s eastern neighborhoods it is an important connection for bicycles. 

Last year the City of Vancouver developed a plan that they took out to the public to retrofit MacArthur Boulevard.  With low traffic levels and unsafe cycling conditions due to large stormwater drains, the plan was to focus car travel to one lane each way and install a new bicycle lane that will allow riders to travel safely around the stormwater drains.

Despite broad public outreach and local business support to install safe bike lanes on MacArthur Boulevard, the City Public Works department is now turning their backs on this project.

The citizens of Vancouver deserve streets that are safe for pedestrians, drivers, transit riders, and cyclists.  Please CLICK HERE to send a message to the mayor, city manager, and public works director to let them know you want safer streets for everyone and want to see the planned bike lanes on MacArthur Boulevard.
Thanks for your support of safer streets for everyone,

Andrew Austin
Field Director
Transportation Choices Coalition

P.S-Taking action is easy, all you have to do is CLICK HERE to and in less than a minute you can take action to keep our streets safer in Vancouver.

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