Thursday, March 31, 2011

I-405 Closure April 1st (no foolin')

WSDOT is closing I-405 between NE Eighth Street and SR 520 in order to remove the old NE 12th Street Bridge (part of the Bellevue Braids project).

The closure will last between 11pm on Friday April 1st and 4am on Monday April 4th.

The City of Bellevue has a well updated page for traffic advisories in the area (not just this weekend's closure).

In general, is a great website for finding travel alternatives in Bellevue.


If you plan to ride your bicycle in the vicinity of I-405 this weekend, you will most likely already avoid the closure area due to lack of bicycle-friendly conditions.

112th Ave NE may be affected due to heavier vehicle traffic. The other routes indicated as the best biking lanes in Bellevue should be relatively unaffected by detoured vehicles.

Check out Google Map's best bicycle routes in the City of Bellevue, compared to vehicle detours suggested by WSDOT due to I-405 closure.


No Metro, Sound Transit, or Community Transit rider alerts have been issued to indicate any rerouting effects from this construction:

- Metro Reroutes
- Sound Transit Rider Alerts
- Community Transit Rider Alerts

Most likely, the largest effect will be slight delays due to detoured vehicle traffic onto roads such as Bellevue Way, 112th Ave NE, NE 8th St, and 148th Ave NE.

Be sure to keep an eye out for potentially delayed route timing on One Bus Away.


Lastly, be sure to heed WSDOT's vehicular advice:

"During the I-405 closure, drivers should avoid the area or take alternate routes. Use the recommended regional routes unless you plan to visit Bellevue. Downtown Bellevue will be open for business. Drivers should expect heavy traffic on the detour routes and throughout the region."

Also, be sure to watch for real time traffic congestion over the weekend.

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