Friday, March 25, 2011

APRIL FRIDAY FORUM:Transit Funding in a Divided Congress & What it Means to You

A few weeks ago we sent out an action alert to asking you to help us save King County Metro's Rapid Ride from drastic funding cuts proposed by the House Republicans in Congress.
Next week we will be bringing you an all star panel to give you all of the information you need on what is going on with transit and transportation funding in Congress.  Will the House Republicans, Senate Democrats, and the President be able to agree on a compromise transportation funding bill? Will the House majoirty follow through on their plan to slash New Starts funding and defund Rapid Ride and other important regional projects? With gas prices and demand for transit climbing, how will Congress respond?

Looking into the crystal ball isn't easy, but with these rock star panelists, we'll give it our best shot.  As always feel free to bring your lunch and there will be plenty of time for Q and A!

Sheila Babb, Deputy State Director for U.S. Senator Patty Murray
Larry Ehl, Federal Relation Manager, WSDOT
Ron Posthuma, Deputy Director, King County DOT

WHAT: Federal Transportation Funding Update & Its Impact on YOU
WHEN: Friday APRIL 1st, 12:00 -1:30 pm
WHERE: Seattle-King County Public Health - Chinook Building, Room 121,
401 Fifth Ave.,Seattle

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