Friday, February 18, 2011

Pay-As-You Drive Insurance, The Choice to Order Car Insurance from Something Other Than the All You Can Eat Buffet

Here is our first action alert of the session.  Happy Friday and Enjoy!

Pay-As-You Drive Insurance, The Choice to Order Car Insurance from Something Other Than the All You Can Eat Buffet

What is Pay-As-You Drive Insurance? It is the idea that motorists should be able to have the option to pay for their insurance based upon the amount of miles they drive.  This model makes simple sense; if your car is sitting at home while you walk, bike and ride the bus to get around, the chances of you getting in a car accident are minuscule.  In Washington State, unfortunately, there are currently many barriers to insurers offering pay-as-you drive policies. TCC is working hard to remove these barriers so low-mileage driver can have the option of buying their insurance ala carte instead of being forced to buy it from the all you can eat buffet that doesn’t take into account how much you drive.

Powerful, insurance companies were successful at undermining a bill (SB 5730) that would base auto insurance on the number of miles driven.  Pay-as-you drive, or mileage based insurance, reduces congestion, air, water and climate pollution, promotes environmental stewardship, and makes auto insurance more equitable. The average motorist that switches to mileage based insurance, is expected to reduce their annual miles driven, crashes and insurance costs by at least 10% .
This bill simply authorizes companies to offer mileage-based automobile insurance policies, and ensures that they offer low mileage discounts for low-mileage consumers. It authorizes Department of Transportation, to develop and implement a mileage-based insurance demonstration project so Washington can attract federal money promoting these policies.  

Read about the bill in Sightline and on the Natural Resources Defense Council blog.

Please send a quick email to your Senator to ask them to support the underlying bill, not the bill that the insurance company got inserted during Senate Committee action.  This is one way the state can start to harmonize transportation policy with climate policy to address the 50% of Washington’s climate pollution that comes from the transportation sector.
Taking action is easy just CLICK HERE!

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