Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spokane City Council Passes TBD for Street Repair and Sidewalks

The Spokesman Review reports that the City of Spokane's council, by a 4 to 3 vote, reversed their earlier decision and enacted a transportation benefit district (TBD) last night to fit their crumbling streets and build more sidewalks. 

This is great news for pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders and drivers in Spokane, because pot hole ridden streets are not good for anyone!  Also 10% of the new revenues, which are coming are being raised from a $20 per year vehicle license fee, will go towards building out Spokane's incomplete sidewalk network.

Councilmember Jon Synder has a full recap on his website about the meeting which gets into the interesting weeds of the political and policy debate on the issue.

If you are an advocate for transportation choices in Spokane make sure to contact your Councilmembers Rush, Shogan, Snyder and Waldref and thank them for voting yes to make Spokane streets safer!

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