Thursday, February 10, 2011

Liveblogging Transportation for WA Kick-Off!

I am living blogging here our Transportation for Washington kick-off!

April Putney from Futurewise is kicking off the event with a full room of transportation advocates behind the podium and in the audience.

April just turned over the floor to Rep. Marko Liias who is talking about the first step of creating sustainable transit funding in Washington State.  Rep Liias is introducing the sustainable transit act to give communities more long term options for funding transit.  "I firmly believe good transit is integral to creating good communities."

Marko releases list of local options for funding transit, all of which are voter approved.  Then Warren Bare a transit rider talking about the importance of transit service to him and his community.

Member of the press asked a question why Rep. Liias is proposing this two days after Pierce Transit ballot measure failed.  Rep. Liias responded that he was suprised by how close the vote was in Pierce and shows that while urban and suburban areas want transit sales tax may not be the right funding source which is why he is proposing these options.  April Putney added that Jefferson Transit passed a measure by 55% on Tuesday so it was not all bad for transit funding.

Event is over.  Great turnout, exciting times for transportation in Washington State, will post pictures down the road or see some photos live at on out twitter @transpochoices

Here is some press on today's event so far.
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