Friday, January 7, 2011

"I Can't Believe So Many People Care about Buses"

Last night as I stood in a crowded room at the Hub in Tacoma, I was reminded why we get up and do what we do everyday at TCC.

At the campaign kickoff for "Save our Buses", the campaign to stave off 35% cuts to bus service in Pierce County, the community came out in full force supporting the measure.  While we were checking people in and the line was snaking out to the door, one of the campaign staffers leaned over to me and said, "This is awesome, I can't believe so many people care about buses."

Working at TCC I have the pleasure, time and time again, to hear why transit service is important to people across Washington State.  Last night we had over 100 people turn out to Save Our Buses in Pierce County because they care, they care about their community and the important role transit plays to build their community.  Last night the room was packed with those stories of why bus service matters.  Whether it was a visually impaired rider who relies on the bus for independence or a Downtown Tacoma commuter who uses the bus to save money, the stories were endless and encouraging.

Thank for turning out for the campaign kick-off !  If you were not able to attend or don't live in Pierce County, please consider visiting the campaign website to learn how you can volunteer or donate or by visiting the campaign on facebook.  As Rep. Liias pointed out in his editorial today, this election is important not just for Pierce County residents but for advocates of transportation choices from across the state.

Happy rainy Friday, thank you for all that you do and stay tuned.  Here are some photos of last night's festivities.

 A crowded House 

Mayor Strickland Brings the Message Home

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  1. Congratulations to Pierce County residents for their support!