Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Emergency Transit Funding Bill Dropped in the House

Publicola and the Seattle Transit Blog broke the news about Rep. Marko Liias' congestion relief emergency transit funding bill that he has introduced to the House Transportation Committee.

The bill is similar to previous efforts for emergency transit funding.  It is a $30 temporary vehicle license fee that can be collected until 2013 and can be collected only for King County Metro, Community Transit (in Snohomish County), and Pierce Transit.

The Bill is titled House Bill 1536 and it is has an impressive list of co-sponsors including Republican Mike Armstrong (the ranking minority member on House Transportation), House Transportation Chair Judy Clibborn.

This legislation is a top priority for Transportation Choices Coalition this year.  With Community Transit already cutting all of Sunday service and Metro Transit facing draconian cuts, temporary relief to save transit service is long overdue.  We'll keep you informed on the blog on what's going on around this legislation and make sure to stay tuned to Carrie's weekly updates on Legislative Session for the scoop.

Most importantly, if you care about transit service and you care about this legislation please SIGN UP for Transportation Advocacy Day on Feb. 10th where this bill will be one of our three priorities.

“People here know good transit options benefit the whole community, not just those on the train or bus,” said Liias, D-Edmonds.  “While the economy struggles, more people are choosing to save money by using transit, making this exactly the wrong time to stand idly by while massive cuts are made.”

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