Saturday, January 29, 2011

Google Transit Trip Planning Expanding Like Wildfire

The fact is, here at TCC we love Google transit.  Whether it is for work or pleasure, at home or while traveling Google transit is an incredibly useful.  Compared to agency trip planners and route schedules, it is so incredibly easy to use because it is map based.  Better yet, it is great tool to compare the time difference and cost saving between transit and driving.  When I travel to NYC or other cities is makes navigating a foreign transit system seamless and easy to use.  Tools like one bus away and Google transit are crucial for transit ridership growth in the future. 

The bad news not every transit agency in Washington allows Google transit to access their scheduling data.  The good news is many do and that number is rapidly expanding.  Metro and Island Transit already are compatible with Google transit.  Earlier this month both Spokane Transit and Intercity announced that they are now using Google transit trip planning, and word on the street is Pierce Transit and Community Transit are close to being on Google as well.

All of this is great news for attracting new transit riders across Washington State and making transit easier to use for existing riders.

If your transit agency isn't yet up on Google transit shoot them an e-mail and encourage them to get on board!

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