Thursday, August 4, 2011

Transportation as a Civil Rights Issue

Transportation is becoming one of the biggest issues in modern life. But how the funding is used to expand public transportation it’s a big concern for everyone but especially  for low-income workers and people of color.

Recent research shows that Americans make about 10.5 percent of all trips on foot, but only 1.5 percent of federal transportation funds are located to retrofitting roads with sidewalks and crosswalks, while 80 percent of federal funds go to highways.  Besides that, the cost of owning a car ($9,500 dollars per year) can eat up half the income of a family living in poverty. This wired article titled, “Transportation as a Civil Rights Issue” dives into the findings of the recent report on this topic done by The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.  It is a must read.

Link to the report is here.

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