Thursday, July 21, 2011

Record Ridership and New Website at Amtrak Cascades

WSDOT launched a redesigned Amtrak Cascades redesigned today.

On first glance, it is a little busy but overall I really like it.  Too many times transit agencies and government transportation providers don't sell their services, they just provide the bare bones information.  This website breaks that mold.  It is combines Amtrak Cascades successful marketing campaign (tweet to Tacoma, or email to Olympia) with catchy visuals and useful rider information.  Huge props to WSDOT marketing folks and whomever their outside consultant was.

In related news, their marketing efforts (and increasing gas prices) seem to be paying off.  WSDOT reports that Amtrak Cascades broke another ridership record last quarter with an increase of 8% ridership compared to 2010 numbers. Between April-June this year 231,194 rode Amtrak Cascades; that means 16,550 new people chose to hop on the rails and leave their cars at home.

The bottom line is, ridership is up, Washingtonians want more intercity rail service, and thanks to Obama's rail program we are going to get increased service in the Seattle-Portland coordinator.  Big props to WSDOT's rail program and all of you Amtrak riders out there.

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