Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reminder that Fare Changes are Coming on ST Buses June 1st

This just in from Sound Transit:

ST Express fare changes take effect June 1

First phase of Sound Transit’s simplified fare structure to begin on Tuesday

The first phase of Sound Transit’s fare changes for its ST Express bus service will take place on Tuesday, June 1.

Under the new structure, 2010 ST Express fares will be as follows for adults:

One-zone $2.00
Two-zone $2.50
Inter-county $3.00

The changes being implemented on Tuesday are the first set of fare increases approved by the Sound Transit Board in April responding to higher operating costs, simplifying the ST Express and Link light rail fare structures, and more closely aligning Sound Transit fares with other local transit agencies. These changes will also help Sound Transit recoup a greater share of operating costs from fares.

A second set of changes for ST Express and Link light rail fares will take place in June of 2011 to eliminate zone-based fares on ST Express bus routes. With that change, adult bus fares will be $2.50 for in-county service and $3.50 for inter-county service.

ST Express bus fares have increased only once, in 2005, during the 11 years the service has operated.

Details of fare changes can be found at:

I like the simplification changes that will come in June of next year. I think it will be less confusing for folks than the current zoned structure. Compared to the alternatives (like driving) $3.50 is still a great deal for travel between Tacoma, Everett, Seattle and Bellevue.

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