Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be a Transit Ambassador!

Blog post from Transportation Choices Coalition - Calling all Southeast Seattle residents! Do you take tran­sit or bike to get around? Want to help your neighbors try it out? We've got an exciting offer for you. In our last newsletter, we highlighted an exciting new commu­nity outreach project to help residents try other trans­portation alternatives like transit, walking and biking.

With warmer weather coming our way, our outreach will soon kick into high gear. We are in search of friendly, out­going transit advocates who live in the Rainier Valley area and who would like to be trained as Transit Ambassadors.

We've got a whole host of incentives for you and other­ residents who want to check out the transportation choices in their neighborhood. All we need is your commitment to recruit your friends and neighbors and we'll do the rest.

Using innovative, incentive-based strategies to connect transportation costs, health benefits, household savings, and the environment with transportation alternatives like transit, walking and biking, we hope to engage residents and build long-term capacity within communities in SE Seattle to advocate for transportation alternatives.

If you are looking for a fun way to engage your neighbors and friends and help spread the word about SE Seattle's great transportation options, please contact Shefali at or call us at 206-329-2336 and we'll sign you up!

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