Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mercer Fix Scores $30 Million From TIGER Stimulus Dollars

One of the last infrastructure distributions from the stimulus act, the TIGER grants, were announced today.

Two important projects in Washington scored big with with this announcement. The Mercer fix in Seattle, which is a top priority for the city, received $30 million and the North South Freeway in Spokane received $35 million. The $30 million for Mercer is great news for this important multi-modal project in Seattle.

Scott at the PI wrote a compehensive piece on the Mercer Project today.

The Tranport Politic overviews all of the grants and points out that the ratio of transit-highway of projects was a better allocation towards transit then in the past. Take note that a Portland Streetcar extension project received $23 million.

Which projects that applied did not get TIGER money in Washington?
-South Park Bridge
-Link extension to 200th Street in Seatac

Update: WSDOT just sent a press release announcing the $35 million to the North South Freeway project...

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