Friday, February 5, 2010

Complete Streets Legislation Passes Out of House Transportation on a Party Line Vote

Late Wednesday evening House Bill 2911, sponsored by Rep. Jim Moeller, passed out of the House Transportation Committee bye an overwhelming margin.

It ended up moving out of committee on a party line vote with a couple of members excused.

TCC would like to give a huge thanks go Prime Sponsor Rep. Moeller for leading the effort on this important legislative priority and Chair Clibborn for moving it out of committee.

The bill will now go to House Rules and then the House Floor as it moves along during the legislative process.

It was an uplifting moment this tough session to see when of our proactive legislative priorities moving forward.

Thank you again to our legislative sponsors and coalition partners for your support of HB 2911!

Stay tuned as this legislation moves forward!


  1. Now what? Any chance of it moving ahead in the special session or is it overwhelmed by the revenue/budget issues?

    Co-chair, Bike to Work Spokane