Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pierce Transit Announces Cuts Hearings: Act Now to Demand Fair Bus Cuts

Pierce Transit Announces Cuts Hearings: Act Now to Demand Fair Bus Cuts

During the campaign you helped us raise awareness about the importance of saving our bus service.  Unfortunately we didn't get to a yes vote, but that doesn't mean our advocacy work is over or our voices are not important.

Pierce Transit announced last week that they will be holding a series of public hearings on the proposed 35% bus service cuts coming to our community in October.  It is crucial to attend one of these hearings and to tell the Pierce Transit board what the proposed cuts mean to you.

The first hearing will be in Lakewood at the Pierce Transit's Headquarters at 4-6pm on Monday April 11th. (note time correction)

The Tacoma meeting will be on Thursday April 21st from 5-7pm at Tacoma City Hall.  For a full list of hearings you can attend in your community, CLICK HERE!

The voters have demanded that Pierce Transit be as cost efficient as possible, yet the board is proposing cutting high ridership cost efficient routes disproportionally more than the overall cuts.  The current proposal will cut high ridership routes like the 1, 2, and 3 by 30-40%. These levels of cuts will lead to overcrowded buses that leave riders stranded at the bus stop in high ridership areas.

Go to the cuts hearings and tell Pierce Transit to make cuts to service based on ridership and efficiency!

If you can not attend a hearing then CLICK HERE to send an e-mail to Pierce Transit to make your voice heard.

Remember to send an e-mail today to Pierce Transit if you can't attend the upcoming hearings.

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