Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Island County passes .3% Sales Tax Increase for Island Transit

Last night was surely an action packed election night in the Puget Sound area.

In the North Sound Island Transit successfully passed a .3% sales tax increase for Island Transit. Island Transit was facing 35% cut in service is they did not attain this new revenue. This will bring their total sales tax up to the maximum allowed by the legislature, .9%.

This is an impressive win for transit. The folks who ran the campaign highlighted an S.O.S (Save our System) message, and that is exactly what the voters of Island County did, demonstrating that public support for transit in Washington is not limited to large urban system. Rural systems like Island transit provide an invaluable backbone for their community.

Congrats to the folks with the S.O.S campaign who ran a successful measure and to Island Transit who will continue to serve Island County residents with quality!

Results on the election are here.


  1. Now I have to raise prices on my customers so we can continue to see nearly empty busses driving all around Whidbey Island

  2. Whenever I've ridden on Island Transit, the buses were anything but empty. I've counted up to 50 people on some of the trips.

  3. Raising your prices is a personal decision...but so is choosing to get off Transit to stop at your place of business.