Monday, June 6, 2011

Sound Transit to Alter and Cut Routes

Sound Transit sent out a press release day reminding people of the express bus scheduling changes that are coming town the pike June 11th.

Many of these scheduling changes are cuts to service as a cost cutting measure as Sound Transit faces a multibillion dollar ST2 hole.  Some of them are just modifications and one or two are actually increases to service.

The big changes of note:

Route 510 and 511 to Snohomish County are going to be eliminated on Sunday and replaced by the 512, which will be a combined run that will be slower especially between Everett and Seattle.  This change is only for Sundays (thankfully).
Midday weekday service on the 554 will go from every 15 minute to every 20 minutes between Seattle and Issaquah.
The Burien to West Seattle portion of the under-performing 560 will be eliminated except for weekday commute hours.
The 577 express between Federal Way and Seattle will get additional service to help with overcrowding issues between two of King County's (and probably the state's) strongest transit markets.

The whole list can be found on page two of the current transit guide and more background can be found here.

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