Friday, June 24, 2011

Jackson Plaza Opening: A Major Transit Hub and Public Space

Today, Mayor McGinn cut the ribbon on the new Jackson Plaza at King Street Station. He spoke of the plaza as an important part of a bigger plan, linking great communities like the International District and Pioneer Square with the rest of the region, and creating more pleasant, walkable spaces in the city. He praised the plaza's earthquake-proof, environmentally sustainable design. Finally, he thanked the many people and groups who made this possible.

Linda Gehrke spoke on behalf of the Federal Transit Administration. She reminded the crowd that the restoration of King Street Station has been ongoing since 1996. She spoke of the Obama administration's support for livable, sustainable communities, which led it to approve funding for Jackson Plaza.

Lorne McConachie spoke for the Pioneer Square Preservation Board. He discussed how transportation has been a huge part of Seattle's history since its inception, including the Yukon gold rush and the transcontinental railroad.

Leslie Smith spoke on behalf of the Alliance for Pioneer Square about the future of King Street Station. She predicted that King Street Station would become an even more important transit hub as it develops more connections, and would help make the city more walkable.

There was a good turnout, the sun eventually came out, and all the speakers were enthusiastic and proud of the plaza.


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