Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Community Transit Kicks Off "Buy Local For Transit" Campaign on Thursday

More and more transit agencies in Washington are faced with insurmountable deficits, and in some cases, no options for asking the voters for help they are left with few choices but cutting service.

Community Transit is in this exact situation.  While collecting a %.9 sales tax, the maximum allowed by state law they have had no options in this time of financial crisis but cutting service.  Instead of just waiting for the Legislature to give CT options other than cutting (who knows how long that will take), they are taking a proactive approach to educating their constituents about transit funding.

This Thursday the 18th at 10am they will be kicking off their "Buy Local For Transit" campaign at the Alderwood Mall near the Macy's.  Not only will Community Transit be educating folks about how shopping locally will actually help support their transit service, they are also partnering with businesses to give discounts to shoppers who are transit users.

It is great to see innovation like this coming out one of Washington's largest transit agencies even during these times of economic crisis.

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