Wednesday, November 3, 2010

77% of Transportation Ballot Measures Passed Last Night

The Center for Transportation Excellence is reporting that 22 out of 30 ballot measures last night for transit and transportation revenue on the local level pass.  This is an astoundingly hopeful number with 77% of the measures passing considering the clear anti-tax and anti-government mood in the American mantra right now.  This demonstrates that even though people are generally frustrated with government they still support their local transit and want more transportation choices.

A full press release on the elections can be found here and a full list of the measures can be found here.

From the release:

In 2010, voters continued to show their support for transportation investment by approving 77% of ballot measures. On Election Day, 22 out of 30 measures were approved in 13 states. For the entire year, the Center for Transportation Excellence found that voters approved 43 out of 56 measures. Nearly $500 million in funding over five years was approved by voters on November 2. When added to funding approved earlier in the year, voters have supported over $1 billion in transportation investment. Information on all the 2010 measures is available at

Voters across the country—from Hawaii to Rhode Island—approved measures on November 2 that demonstrate their commitment to improving transportation choices and increasing investment in their local infrastructure and services.

“Yesterday’s results at the ballot box reaffirm a decade worth of data demonstrating voters’ overwhelming support for investment in public transportation,” said CFTE Executive Director Jason Jordan. “Despite the economy and conventional political wisdom about opposition to taxes, voters acknowledged that thoughtful, targeted investments in their communities are vital to restoring and sustaining prosperity.”

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