Tuesday, October 12, 2010

100 Useful Tips for Car-Less Living: Tip #3 Get a Transit-Oriented Job

Does having a job where you can talk about transit funding, multi-modal transfers, compact walkable development, and transit oriented communities every waking moment sound like fun to you? Then you probably already know that you are a huge transit nerd.

Transit nerds don't always fit into %100 into larger society.  People look at us weird when we show up 10 minutes late to meetings dripping from head to toe with our bike helmet in hand.  They don't always understand why we sometimes are forced to live days planned down to the minute.  And they (especially significant others of transit nerds) don't understand why we talk about land use and bus systems while on vacation.

At Transportation Choices Coalition, we'll understand you.  If you've experienced some of these symptoms of transit nerdyness then make sure to renew your membership to TCC.  If you experience all of these symptoms, then you should consider apply to work with us, because its not every day you can apply for a job where you get to hang out with cool like-minded transit nerds 40+ hours a week.

On a personal note, I love waking up every single day and going to work knowing that I am fighting for something I believe in; to live in a world where people can leave their cars at home and hop on their bike or catch transit to get to work, visit friends, or go to the doctor.  Working for Transportation Choices Coalition has made my decision to live my life without the burden of a car easier and more meaningful.

Considering joining us, here is the e-mail from Rob about the job:


Love the exciting world of public policy?  Think you’ve got what it takes to convince policy makers to create more transportation choices?  Join our staff and help us win!  We are hiring for the position of Policy Director.  This is a senior staff position. The Policy Director is a key part of the staff leadership team and helps to develop and lead organizational and program strategy. The Policy Director is responsible for all state and federal policy programs including developing our state transportation policy agenda; directing our lobbying at the state and federal level, building political support for our agenda; coordinating the policy component of legislative, issue-based, and ballot measure campaigns; and organizing legislative coalition partners around our priorities. The position requires some media interaction and assistance with fundraising.

CLICK HERE for the job description and application details.  Position closes on November 12.  We will review applications on receipt so applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.  Join our team! 

On a related note, the position is being vacated by Bill LaBorde who is moving on to become the new Legislative Assistant for Seattle City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen.  We at TCC really appreciate Bill’s work here over the past two years.  In his second stint with TCC he set some pretty lofty goals for us as an organization and led us through some tough legislative battles.  Bill has long been a trusted voice on transportation issues at the local, state and national level and we’re proud to see him go on to this coveted position.

Rob Johnson

Executive Director
Transportation Choices Coalition

811 1st Avenue, Suite 626
Seattle, WA98104
Phone: 206.329.2336
Fax: 206.329.2705

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