Thursday, April 1, 2010

Preserve Public Transit In Whatcom County: Vote YES on Proposition 1!

We've been hard at work to pass Proposition 1 in Bellingham, which will save bus service across Whatcom County. Below is an action alert e-mail that is going out today. Please considering donating a small amount of money or time to help save bus service in Whatcom County!

Vote Yes on Prop 1 this April to Preserve Public Transit in Whatcom County!

Bus service in Whatcom County needs your Help!
The Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) provides over 20,000 one way trips per weekday to residents throughout Whatcom County. In 2008, WTA had the fastest ridership growth of any transit system in the United States, so demand has been growing. However, while demand has increased, revenues have decreased.

The overwhelming majority of WTA’s revenues comes from locally collected sales taxes. Due to our current economic recession, sales tax revenues have plummeted. WTA has already slashed $2 million out of its existing budget, and the agency will be forced to cut another $4 million dollars in the next year if Proposition 1 does not pass. Cuts will mean evening and Sunday bus service will be eliminated and many Whatcom County residents will be left stranded at their bus stops.

What you can do to Help
1. VOTE YES on Proposition 1 by April 27th! This is an all mail in election so get your ballot in early to make sure your vote is counted
2. DONATE: Even a small Donation to the campaign will help them reach more voters and win in April.
3. VOLUNTEER: The campaign is now running phone banks to contact voters. There are plenty of two hour shifts available from 10am-8pm Monday-Thursday. They are also doorbelling from 10-1 or 12-3 on Saturdays. For more information contact the campaign’s field director at . Doorbelling and Phone banking will be staffed out of the Whatcom County Democrats Office at 215 West Holly Street in Bellingham.

What Two Cents Buys you
On April 27th WTA is proposing to raise their sales tax levels by 0.2%, or 2 pennies on a ten dollar purchase. 2 pennies can help save bus service in your community; at a time when demand for transit continues to grow we need more transit service, not less!

Providing efficient bus service across the county gives Whatcom County residents the opportunity to leave their cars at home when going to work, school or simply running errands. Robust transit service is crucial to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting urban growth that protects rural lands. That’s why we hope you’ll join us in voting YES on Proposition 1.

Thank you for your support! For more information visit and remember to VOTE YES on PROPOSITION 1 this April!

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