Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Recommendation on Bike Sharing

While thumbing through through some articles on bike sharing and rentals in America I stumbled upon this very informative blog.

As the name suggests the blog is dedicated entirely to reporting on bike sharing programs across the world.

Bike sharing is something that King County Metro, the City of Tacoma, and others in Washington have looked at doing but it has not been fully implemented here yet.

One way bike sharing can be particularly useful in cities is helping folks make connections from transit lines to their destinations. For example, imagine if there were bikes at Columbia City's light rail station, one could hop on the train from Downtown and get a bike to speed up the .5 mi trip from the station to Downtown Columbia City. Making the trip for a lunchtime getaway or meeting on transit more accessible.

Its something to think about and it will be interesting to see if any pilot projects go forward in the near future in Washington!

According to the blog Mexico City has over 1,000 bikes distributed throughout the city, luckily for them they have much less pesky rain to deal with than we do.

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