Friday, September 4, 2009

Settling the Stage for a top two Republican Battle in the 2nd Legislative District?

Brad Shannon at the Olympian today gives a critical update on the political shuffling going on in East Pierce County. Last week Tom Campbell announced that he would not challenge Adam Smith for his Congressional seat. A few days earlier J.T. Wilcox of the Wilcox farms family announced he would run for the legislature in the 2nd legislative district to fill Campbell's spot.

Today Shannon reports that Wilcox will stay in the race and run against Campbell in 2010 setting the stage for a potential Republican v. Republican battle royale in the general election due the the top two primary.

This could be a fight that is very interesting to watch. Campbell, who cites his commitment to finishing the cross-base highway as one of the primary reasons he wants to return to Olympia, is a moderate Republican who chairs a committee in the Democratically controlled House and has run as a Democrat in the past. In Shannon's article it is clear that Wilcox is pushing an anti-establishment anti-incumbent message highlighting his financial and business experience. No Democrats have jumped into the race yet.

For all of your political junkies out there; keep your eyes peeled to this one.

J.T. Wilcox

Rep. Tom Campbell

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