Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Donald Shoup Coming to Tacoma

Last night there was a lively discussion surrounding parking guidelines for Tacoma's Mixed Use Centers.

I just found out today that Pacific Intermountain Parking and Transportation Association Annual Conference is going to be in Tacoma July 26-28th (thanks for the heads up Chelsea).

For all the info go to their website:

A full schedule of the conference can be found here.

It looks like a great lineup of interesting speakers and with cities across the state debating the removal of mandated minimum parking requirements as we move into the 21st century, the timing could not be better.

Best of all, the lead parking guru or all parking gurus, Donald Shoup will be there. For normal people this probably doesn't mean much, but for parking nerds Shoup is the progressive market based parking master. Streetfilms has a great Shoup video here that I suggest you watch.

If there is one thing nerdier than being a transit geek, it is being a parking geek (playing Dungeon and Dragons with your friends if you over the age of 15 would probably also count in that category but I won't get into that discussion).

As transit and parking nerds we should just accept who we are and own up to it. If you really want to show your colors, I suggest you check out and join the Shoupista facebook group!

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