Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sound Transit and the City of Tacoma to Host Streetcar Meeting Tonight

The idea of creating a streetcar network in Tacoma is something that has been discussed for quite sometime. Tacoma Streetcar, which I've been involved in, kick started the idea a few years back. Since then the city has done a feasibility study and more recently the voters approved an 80 million dollar matching grant for LINK/streetcar extension in ST2.

Tonight the City of Tacoma and Sound Transit will be holding a public meeting and discussion about link and streetcar extenstions in Tacoma. The most recent discussions on the topic include extending the Tacoma Link at grade up to stadium, to Tacoma General, and then running down MLK to St. Joe's hospital. There are also talks of running it down Portland Ave. towards the EQC and Salishan.

If you love streetcars or are a transit junkie in the South Sound, see you tonight at the Tacoma streetcar meeting!

Tacoma Light Rail/Streetcar Public Information Meeting
June 18, 2009
6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Tacoma Municipal Building

747 Market Street, Room 708
Tacoma, WA

The City of Tacoma, in partnership with Sound Transit and Pierce Transit, is hosting a Light Rail / Streetcar public information meeting. Anyone interested in learning more about the history and planning for these modes of transportation is encouraged to attend.

The meeting will begin with a brief introduction and will be followed by an informal open house where participants can speak with agency staff about:

· Development of light rail/streetcar concepts for Tacoma
· Comparisons between light rail and streetcar modes
· Funding
· Potential benefits and impacts
· Next steps

For more information, contact City of Tacoma staff, Karrie Spitzer at (253) 591-5790 or Christian Clegg at (253) 591-5125

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