Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6-23 News Round-up: Ferries, Transportation 2040, and Healthy Communities

It is rare that I do simple news roundups on the blog, but today there was a lot of news published that had to do with issues that TCC covers.

1- The Kitsap Sun has a story about PSRC's Transportation 2040 plan and what it means for ferries. The story summarizes the five alternatives and notes that all 5 PSRC 2040 alternatives call for an increase in foot ferries between Kitsap and King County. Kitsap Transit and PSRC are holding a public hearing on the alternatives on Thursday from 6-8 at the Eagles Nest, 1200 Fairgrounds Road in Bremerton. If you live in Kitsap I encourage you to go and let us know how it went!

2-The Tacoma News Tribune published an Op-Ed today from Dr. Jane Moore. Jane is a friend of mine and TCC, a former family doctor and now executive director of the Washington Coalition to Promote Physical Activity. It is great to see the health care community getting more involved with Transit Oriented Communities and compact growth issues. Also the editorial covers a lot of what is going on with the mixed use centers update, which is a great opportunity to plan for transit oriented growth in Tacoma. For more info on the mixed-use centers update see the City of Tacoma's website here.

3-The PI reports that construction on I-90, which will close a bunch of lanes, will be a week shorter than expected and temporary pedestrian and bike mitigation construction will be begin shortly. I suggest if you are commute across the lake to get those bike legs back in shape over the next few weeks!

4-From the AP, gas prices are not as high as they were last summer but they keep going up, up, up.

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