Thursday, May 14, 2009

ACTION ALERT: Act Now and Urge the Governor to Sign SB 5433 including Funding for Transit

Do you ride transit? Are you worried about possible service cuts? Here's your chance to do something about it. Right now Governor Gregoire is deciding whether to sign into law SB 5433, a local funding options bill that will give transit agencies additional revenue options to help maintain current service. In most cases, these revenue options will require approval from voters

Email Gov. Gregoire today and urge her to sign SB 5433 including new revenue options for transit.

Transit agencies across the state are experiencing record increases in ridership and drastic revenue shortfalls. As citizens tighten their budgets and chose to skip congested roadways, the demand for transit service continues to grow. At the same time sales tax revenues, the primary source of operating dollars for transit agencies, are plummeting across the state. As a result, transit agencies are facing service cuts instead of increases! So how bad is the situation? Consider this - King County Metro is facing a projected $100 million budget gap, Kitsap Transit is already considering service cuts this year and Pierce Transit is looking at dramatic service cuts in 2012.

SB 5433 will:
Give local governments the authority to establish a congestion reduction tax. This tax will then be placed on the ballot for voter consideration to allow transit agencies to collect a fixed $20 vehicle license fee to maintain service. This will provide much needed relief to cash-strapped agencies and help them serve increasing transit demand.

Allow King County Metro to use revenues from the already established Ferry District tax to fill nearly $30 million of their projected $100 million budget gap. This will help them stave off deep service cuts at a time when ridership is at an all time high.

Email Gov. Gregoire today and urge her to sign SB 5433 including new revenue options for transit.

Thanks for taking action!
Team TCC

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