Wednesday, April 15, 2009

House Passes Climate Bill, Works to Reduce Vehicle Miles Travelled

The legislature must have been burning the midnight oil because this morning at about 12:45 AM the House passed a bill (SB 5735) 59 to 37 that lays the groundwork for reducing vehicle miles traveled in our most populous counties.

A recent study released by The American Public Transportation Association, which analyzes gas and parking prices monthly, calculates that the national average savings for a family leaving just one of their cars in the garage for a year is $8,670. In Seattle the savings is actually higher at $10,447 a year.

This legislation would give families and commuters more transportation choices to get where they need to go faster while keeping more money in their pocketbooks – and out of their gas tanks.

Plus, the legislation is good for the environment and supports the reduction of transportation-related greenhouse gasses. It reinforces the good work that many cities and counties in Washington are already doing to reduce climate changing emissions.

The bill now heads to the Senate for concurrence. We expect a tough fight in the Senate to ensure that this important provision remains in the bill but are heartened by the support of the Governor and key allies in the Senate.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I'd love to keep one of my cars in the garage, but regional transportation planners persist in pretending nobody who lives in King County works in Thurston County. Presently my transportation choices are fit my life around the schedule of a seven person van pool or drive SOV. Stupid. Why I can't get a Sounder from Tukwila to Lacey/Oly is beyond me. The fact that I can't even get bus or combination of buses from SeaTac/Burien to Lacey/Oly and back is even more mysterious. If we want to legislate less SOV use, then we shold start by supporting those of us who would gladly give up SOV commuting but need way more flexibility than that provided by vanpool membership.

    I say get Thurston County into ST NOW, and start running a couple of so-called "reverse commute" Sounders to the South End and back, daily.