Monday, March 9, 2009

Washington's Highway Stimulus in the news

Washington State's WSDOT highway stimulus legislation has been covered in the news with increasing controversy over the past few days. A report released by TCC, WASHPirg, and Futurewise is cited in many of the articles.

Here is the media rundown, feel free to let me know if I missed any:

2-24, Associated Press, "Wash. Leg. unveils $340M highway stimulus plan "

3-5, Seattle P-I, "State Stimulus Aimed at Roads"

3-3, New York Times, "Stimulus Spurs Road Projects, Big and Small"

3-5, Stranger Slog, "WA State Stimulus Bill: No $ for Seattle, but $40 Million to Widen Suburban Freeway"

3-6, Seattle Times, "Feeling unstimulated about road spending"

3-6, Sightline Daily, "Olympia's Highway-Happy Democrats"

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