Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Washington's Transportation Budgets in the News

Last week the State Senate released their Transportation Budget and yesterday the House Released their version.

The release of this budgets has already caused quite a stir in the media.

The Seattle Times reported today, "State budget cuts could hit I-90 light rail" . The current version of the budget does not fund the state's agreed upon contribution to doing the reconfiguration of the I-90 bridge that is needed to build light rail to Mercer Island. TCC's own Bill LaBorde was stated in the Seattle Time article, "I think it is a betrayal to the voters, especially Eastside voters who are counting on the commitment to get rail."

Seattle Transit Blog has a more in depth post on the unraveling story here.

Make no mistake, the lack of state funding for R8A configuration over I-90 would be a direct blow to the light rail that Eastside voters are counting on. TCC will continue engage the Transportation Budget process and advocate for our issues. We will be releasing a coalition letter to the House and Senate Transportation Committees in the next couple of days, which I will put up on the blog.

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