Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Election Alert: Tonight is a Big Night for Transit Funding

Tonight is a big night for transit elections in Washington State.  With transit agencies falling off the cliff financially due to precipitous drops in sales tax revenue over the last few years, a lot of jobs and service are at stake.

Pierce Transit, the State's second largest agency by ridership is going out for the last .03% of their state allowed sales tax authority.  I've been very involved with the Save our Buses campaign effort for this effort.  It has been a robust campaign with incredible voter levels thanks to tireless volunteers, staff, and healthy fundraising.  I have a hunch this election will be close either way but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  If Prop one doesn't pass Pierce Transit will be forced to cut services by 35% in the next couple of years.

Also Jefferson Transit is going for the rest of their state allowed sales tax authority.  I also had the pleasure of working this campaign on their efforts.  Thankfully there was no organized opposition in Jefferson County and I'm feeling optimistic about Jefferson transit's measures.

Most importantly if you haven't voted and you live in one of these counties GET YOUR BALLOT IN!  Stay tuned to the blog tonight after 8pm where I will post results and limited election night analysis from the Save our Buses party in Tacoma.


  1. You mean "very" not "vary". Twice.

  2. Thanks, I wasn't awake yet apparently. Fixed!