Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Challenges of Privatizing Transit Service

One of the big topics at the ATU/Non-Profit transit funding conference is the move to privatize transit service and the international attacks on transit unions and public employees in general.

There is a large campaign around this very issue in Toronto that serves as a great case study for the this political fight.

I won't get into too much analysis here but this is an issue that all transit advocates and nerds should be paying attention to.

Campaign website to keep TTC (Toronto Transit Commission the 3rd largest system in N.A. behind NYC and Mexico City).

Op-Ed against privatization of the TTC
Facebook Group Supporting Privatization

Last but not Least I recommend this informative video on the topic.

Part I-
Part II-


  1. I think its important that the nuances of "privatization" be made clear.

    To some people, privatization means the end of public subsidy, which would not work in the current economic climate.

    To many policy wonkish types, privatization means subcontracting a service to a private provider while maintaining a public subsidy, frequently at a reduced level.

    A new term needs to be developed to differentiate the two, something that is a single word.

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