Thursday, September 30, 2010

Five Years and Counting!

The Seattle PI today did a great profile on Anirudh Sahni and his longtime fight to get the ST545 bus to serve Capitol Hill.

TCC was happy to support Anirudh in his efforts to add better Eastside Express service to Capitol Hill in years past.  Ridership numbers have proven this move was not a mistake.

The PI captures Anirudh's energy as a transit advocate to fight for this stop, it is truly a great example to demonstrate the challenges and huge success that one dedicated transit advocate can make.

For more info:

Thank you Anirudh!

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  1. Thanks Andrew!

    TCC member Richard Borkowski too was instrumental in getting Sound Transit to consider the service change in 2004, although the P-I story only mentions him by the name of the organization he then led, People for Modern Transit.

    TCC's strong endorsement of the service change in 2004 in the face of powerful opposition showed courage and understanding of transit riders' needs, and counted for a lot with the Sound Transit board.

    I hope the experiences recounted on my web site help inspire other transit activists in our region. Here's a shorter link: