Monday, January 18, 2010

Complete Streets for Washington? Introducing HB 2911

Today House Bill 2911, which was spearheaded by Transportation Choices Coalition, was introduced into the Washington State Legislature. A few days ago Jesse wrote a run down of what complete streets are and what this legislation would do if passed.

Getting this bill introduced is an exciting step forward for healthier, more walkable, and liveable communities in Washington. Which is why public health, mobility, and environmental advocates have lined up strongly behind this proposed legislation. HB 2911 would direct WSDOT to incorporate complete street design standards for all state highways within city limits across Washington. Highway corridors in urban areas, such as highway 7 in Tacoma and 99 in Seattle and rural highways that serve as mainstreets for small towns, would be designed to fit the needs of all users in those communities. It also creates a incentive grant program to pay for local arterial complete street projects in cities that have adopted complete streets ordinances.

I would like to especially thank the bill's sponsor Rep. Jim Moeller for all of his hard work on this legislation. We also garnered a long list of co-sponsors for the legislation including Rep. Dean Takko as the second, demonstrating both urban an rural support for this idea. I'll keep you posted as this legislation moves through the process, we should have an announcement soon on the timing for a hearing for the bill!

Thank you Rep. Moeller!

Our current list of co-sponsors is: Moeller, Takko, Ormsby, Morris, Nelson, Upthegrove, Liias, Williams, Simpson, Cody, Orwall, White, Morrell, Kenney
Thank you for your support!

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