Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walkscore and Transit

Sightline reports that the website Walkscore has incorporated transit into their walkability score. Walkscore is a popular website being used by realtors and individuals alike that allows you to put in your home address have find out its walkability based upon its proximity to schools, stores, entertainment, nightlife, and now transit.

Walkscore uses transit data via google transit so it only works for systems that have inputted their data into google transit. Locally Metro and Island Transit have made their data available to google transit but Pierce, Community Transit, and Sound Transit (other than buses run by metro) are not yet. Having tools like Google transit and one bus away that make using transit easier are crucial components to attracting choice riders. Recently when I was visiting family in NYC I was able to use Google transit on my blackberry and cruise the city via subway or bus seamlessly. Walk score has set up a petition that allows you to ask your local agency to release their data to Google transit. I just filled it out, you should too.

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