Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome House Bill 1490-Transit Oriented Communities

I am proud to announce that the transit oriented communities bill has been officially filed! It is House Bill 1490! Click here to see all the important information related to the legislation. A full PDF version of the bill is also online here. There is a lot of excitement about TOC right now in Olympia and we are optimistic about moving it forward. It looks like next week we will have a hearing in the House Local Government Committee.

We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to our bill sponsor Representative Sharon Nelson from the 34th district. Her hard work on this legislation has been nothing short of amazing. Also, thank you to Reps. Pedersen, Goodman, Simpson, Upthegrove, Appleton, Dickerson, Liias, Morris, Roberts, White, Ormsby, McCoy, and Miloscia for co-sponsoring HB 1490. Stay Tuned!


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